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Unprecedented!  For the first time ever, 53 African countries are under one roof for two days showcasing various facets of their country.  Workshops and Seminars occur before the exhibits.  An exclusive Gala follows the exhibits.  This is an annual event which is a direct result of community feedback given while food sampling Sheba products in Supermarkets.  There is a dire need for American Small Businesses and the Community to have an uncomplicated channel to Africa.  This show is that channel.


Business Seminars/Workshops

This sessions offer effective strategies for building and financing a high-growth business.  U.S. businesses who wish to export to African countries will have exposure to export professionals.  African companies are educated on importing their products to the U.S.  All businesses can begin strategic alliances as they network and explore partnerships. 


Business Travel/Tourism

Representatives of each African country will be available to give Visa and Trade information and answer pertinent questions to ease one’s travel needs.


Children’s Activities/Culture

A unique educational exposure for families and chance to align your community goals with the planned  activities.  The youths will be engaged with captivating storytelling, fun African games, Arts and Crafts.  



Numerous manufacturers both domestic and international will display their woven products, Silks, Linens, Fine 100% Cottons.  Patrons can watch weavers such as the Ghanaian Kinte Cloth and Nigerian Aso Oke on the show floor.


Exotic Cuisine

Award-winning Chefs will conduct cooking demonstrations.  There will be food sampling of African, Caribbean, Brazilian and Cuba cuisines.  There will be many favorites to whet appetites of all ages.  Authentic ethnic foods and drinks will be plentiful on the show floor.  Bring your appetite.  We’ll supply the bags to take some home.



American and African Dance Groups will dazzle the audience.  This is a sound investment in world-class entertainment and cultural enrichment for all.


Arts & Crafts

Artisans are key players in African economies. Our goal is to showcase unique high quality handicrafts, artwork, home décor items, jewelry, glassware, bath and body products. 




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