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Even though this event is been hosted in Nigeria, suppliers from 53 African countries are being invited and hopefully under one roof for two days showcasing various facets of their products.  The event is a direct result of U.S. consumer demand, which relates to U.S. Buyers’ need to diversify their products and the African Suppliers’ need to expand their market.  This show is an uncomplicated channel to Africa. 




U.S. Buyers

This event is for U.S. buyers looking to diversify their product line in creating value for their customers.  Increasing the presence of African foods through new suppliers is a chance for these buyers to respond to consumer demand.  By placing these newly acquired African food products into their stores, it helps to develop solid community connections with current customers, as well as, attract new ones. 



African Suppliers from 53 African Countries

Flavors of Africa presents a rare economic opportunity for African Suppliers.  Prior to the tradeshow, supplier profiles’ which includes products, will have been reviewed by buyers, who are expected to confirm potential orders at the two-day event.



Foods Equipment Manufacturers

Food Equipment, Packaging & Label manufacturers are expected to attend.  This is a wonderful opportunity for suppliers to procure equipments for better  efficiency and image.



African  Banks

There is a tremendous opportunity for banks to support exhibiting suppliers or gain new accounts.  Financial transactions resulting from buyers’ orders as a result of this event will further enhance the banks’ participation and increase their bottom line.  All these contribute to the banks’ global visibility and community support.





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